VISION BOARDS (Duration of Focus = Annually/Lifetime) – Create a board full of YOUR VISION for your life; everything from being healthier to making millions of dollars.  Nothing is off limits.  This is a board YOU CREATE that focuses on you and every aspect of your life with the complete expectation that it will happen.

HAPPYNESS JARS (Duration of Focus = Annually) – We get it, life is busy and our memories are short. What if you had a way to capture those moments? With our Happiness Jars you’ll decorate a blank mason jar with affirming words, pictures, goals or just a    visual representation of you; on the inside you’ll place slips of paper noting each time an AMAZING thing happens throughout the year that made you happy.

REFLECTIONS (Duration of Focus = Long term/Lifetime) – Reflections is your chance to begin to see yourself in the best way possible. Start with a blank canvas and a  mirror, around the mirror, you place the things you want to represent you and how you see yourself daily.

​PLANT THE SEED (Duration of Focus = 1yr-5yr) – Around the Terra Cotta Clay Pot you will place your dreams, ambitions and goals for the next year to five years in the form of    pictures, words or any other visual representation. After you have completed decorating your clay pot you will plant your seeds and watch it grow.